Tuesday, April 12, 2016

How do you learn about stoma bags?

The season is changing and in 2021 I am glad for it.  I truly enjoy the thought of being around people and getting outside more this year. It is also going to be a big year for me to do something I love doing all across the nation.  I am talking about the ladder to my tree stand for deer season and I am planning on climbing ladders all across the country..  Yes, I am happily able to climb it with my ostomy bag in tow.  I enjoy hunting and rather people think it is crazy or not it is awesome. That is because it is my favorite thing to do and I have made sure that my stoma never gets in the way during this time.  No way I was going to give it up because of my stoma.  I did really fear it though for a long time.

Now, what do I do to prepare for such a physical feet?  I train long and hard for it.  Training also goes for the mind.  Well, the first area that should come to mind to a good woodsman is the scent.  It was the first thing that worried me when I found out that I was going into surgery.  I knew that I would be carrying my own waste on my side for the rest of my life.  To me, it meant that I would smell more than I did before and since my favorite sport involves me being scentless it worried me.  But luckily there are several ways to lower your scent with an ostomy bag.  Many bags not only are scent blockers but also you can add drops of scent-killing chemicals into the bag to eliminate odors.  Pills are another option and there are a few sprays as well. So take heart there are many options available.

I still think that what you wear matters most.  I am a big fan of scent-blocking clothes.  I honestly love that I can sit in my tree stand all day and not have to worry about bathroom breaks.  It is a great addition to hunting in my opinion and with my scent lock clothing,it helps me to get rid of that hard part of smell that hurts so many hunters.

Now being in good shape does matter.  It is a huge deal to be in good shape and is harder to do with a stoma.  This means being careful to grow your muscles and body safe.  You have a stoma and are more prone to hernias now so you need to be careful not to overdo it.  But my sport is very physical, it involves climbing, hiking for miles, and carrying heavy animals or loads.  This means that training to be in shape is important and needs to be considered long ahead of time.   Depending on where you live you may need to have the strength to drag your deer for up to a mile.  Or simply be able to carry that much weight for that distance.  This is a huge consideration and should be trained for.  I suggest taking months out ahead of time to get your body ready. Not everyone will do this, but to be safe and to help ensure you don't injure yourself or others, I think it is wise.