When you find out you are going into surgery you most likely got really nervous.  I know I sure did. All surgeries kinda scare me and bring out the worst in me. It is a normal feeling and most of us have it.  The thoughts of never being able to feel hot, or pretty also creep into your mind.  You think that sensual times will never be that way again.  These are the thoughts and feelings that happen when you are waiting on an ostomy surgery.  These are the feelings and emotions that haunt your dreams when you get out of the surgery.  So who do you talk to to get over those feelings and fears? I want to go over my journey and who helped me.


The first thing I did was really simple. I talked with my doctor and nurse. My ostomy team was really nice, helpful and encouraging. This is the greatest wealth of knowledge for actual medical issues.  Use it and love it!  Ask all the questions you can and the hard ones too. I would have to say that I learned about all the sensual things from them and it was not awkward at all.  I think my nurse actually brought it up first haha. 


Another great area of information was simply from online sources.  These guys has a whole lot of starter information and lots of gear information.  I ended up calling up them to get in depth information, because well I didn't know jack to start with. 

They were really helpful and I spent an hour on the phone the frist call and ended up with some samples mailed to my home.  It was a great experience and they were focused on me and my lifestyle.  It was a reason I started to be more vocal about my ostomy and started to ask questions and talk to other areas as well.


The next path was pharmacists and this was a tip from my online store friends.  They suggested I talk with local pharmacists who deal with this and buy gear specifically for what people like to buy.  That was a good idea and they helped me walk through the history of products.  They went through popular items and what people use for different reasons. Also it was great to find a local place to buy from in case I needed an emergency item quick! So take heart and ask questions.  Your life will improve because of it!

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